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From Chico State to State-of-the-Art Moving and Storage: An Origin Story

From Chico State to State-of-the-Art Moving and Storage: An Origin Story

It all started with a moving job posted online.

Central Coast Moving’s founder, Austin Yarborough, was attending California State University Of Chico when he saw the posting and thought to himself, I like to lift weights and like to be active, that sounds like it could be a good fit!

Before Yarborough ever showed up to the interview, the whole moving company’s office knew his name. This is really just the type of person he is, when he puts his sights on something, he puts all his effort into it.

It didn’t take long for him to feel right at home with this company, so much so that he got some of his friends and college roommates on board to work with him.

“The best part of the job was that everyone worked hard,” said Yarborough. “It was like hanging out with other people that put in as much effort as I did everyday and took pride in their work.”

Not only did he find passion in his work, but it fulfilled him financially as well. Finally, he was able to make enough money to pay his college tuition payments, rent and have extra money on the side while still dedicating 4 days of the week to school. The industry allows for lots of tips and overtime – an awesome perk!

During his classes at Chico, Yarborough met a now close friend who had been involved in the junk removal industry prior and has been working to build a start-up moving company, Murdock’s Moving. He took the opportunity to help him with his new business as well.

Pretty soon, Yarborough started picking up some side jobs on his own here and there and making a name for himself. He now went to school full time, worked at another moving company, worked for his friend doing some side jobs and junk removal and did side jobs for himself every other week.

Although Chico State is known for being a reputable party school, Yarborough kept himself so busy that he didn’t even have time for anything but school, work, and working on his business. He was constantly bouncing ideas off his professors and seeing what he needed to do to turn his dream into a reality.

Not only did Yarborough have this dream he was pursuing, but he was also preparing for the corporate world’s potential opportunities and had an internship lined up for the summer.

Yarborough’s next step towards making his moving dream come true was on May 15, 2017 when Big Orange, the moving truck, was purchased. He managed to pick up the truck with enough time to spare to study for finals!

One month later and Yarborough completed his first moving job with a freshly painted truck. He was committed to the moving dream. After much encouragement, he left the other moving company and began to focus on his own business.

By July 2018, Yarborough had graduated, relocated back to his hometown of Paso Robles and fully branded and legalized Central Coast Moving Co.

Fast forward to 2022 and Central Coast Moving Co. has over 25 employees, 8 moving trucks, 48 mobile storage units and over 300 5-star reviews. Yarborough is proud to say that CCM is a thriving business and looks forward to seeing how far they grow in the next 5 years.

At Central Coast Moving Co., Yarborough ensures that he and his team treat moving like a craft, employees like family and customers like their neighbors. If you feel like you’d make a passionate addition to the team, feel free to visit our careers page and reach out to us for more information.

From Chico State to State-of-the-Art Moving and Storage: An Origin Story


From Chico State to State-of-the-Art Moving and Storage: An Origin Story

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