Austin Y. is local to our very own Paso Robles, California.

"Everyone can move furniture, but not everyone can move furniture professionally." 

-Moving Pro Tip #1


My journey into the moving industry started in Chico, CA when I was self supporting myself through college. I was working at a large moving company in which I met very hardworking individuals and learned numerous "tricks of the trade". 


Being a young entrepreneur at heart and pursuing a bachelors in Marketing and Sales at California State University Chico. I combined my combined my education and professional moving experience.  On June 21st, 2017 Central Coast Moving Company was open for business. I had a two year plan; I would make ends meet through college while building up the company reputation and then bring it back to the Central Coast with myself when I graduated. Originally starting out as working every weekend from miscellaneous Craigslist moves. Eventually transitioned in to me having to squeeze small jobs in between my classes and wearing my work uniform into class. This evolved even further into me having to recruit some of my old coworkers to build a team.


As of July, 5, 2018 we have been relocated to Paso Robles. Once relocated I sought out to build my "moving empire". Found at local gyms, references, Cal Poly, or at Cuesta College, our 5-Star staff of movers are all hand selected by myself. These moving professionals are a crew that I personally trust to bring into my clients homes and to not steal or have any sort of misconduct. 


Filling out a forty-hour week for a crew of about 5-10 guys was hard as being the new guy in town. Especially when in our industry where word-of-mouth is so prevalent. I had some previous experience working in the hauling industry with a friend in college. After contemplating a new direction for the company I knew that this could help solve our problem of filling up our schedule. After searching craigslist/facebook for a few weeks, I found us a suitable trailer to haul junk and move large items such as hot tubs and safes. Fast forwarding down the road, our services now include all sorts of junk removal and hauling deliveries. Although, at the end of the day we are still a moving company at heart.


 As of now we are moving and hauling experts! Our team is growing and so is our reputation like a wild fire along the Central Coast. From moving single items to moving long distance, and even across the United States, we are your moving solution. We pride ourselves in being a smaller/tight-knit group. Working with us compared to these larger guys has many advantages in the communication process. 

Choose Central Coast Moving Co. and let us show you why we are the best!

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We strive to be have a 5-STAR service guaranteed with every move. Our reviews are completely organic and we enjoy feedback from clients. 

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