2019 Central Coast Moving team

"Delivery You Can Count On, Movers You Can Trust!"

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers Comp.
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Top Quality Equipment
  • Power Tools & Tool Bags
  • Floor Runners/Doorway Protection
  • Lift Gate & Lowering Suspension

"While searching for movers I came across Central Coast Moving, called and spoke with Austin and scheduled a four man team to help unload two 26' trucks. On the day of the move I received a call one hour before arriving to confirm they're in route. The team arrived ready to work with necessary tools to get the job done.
Thank you Austin and your team for your great customer service."

                             -Tim 0. 


Your business Matters!


On A Budget 


Needing a smaller truck?

Check out our 14' Enclosed Trailer!

Just like a moving truck but faster, smaller, and more cost efficient.


Large & Heavy?

Our movers specialize in disassembling furniture and other equipment and we show up with the right tools to do so.

Lift Gate Require?

Not a problem. All our movers are trained to use lift gates and move large awkward items with the correct moving equipment/procedures. 


Tools & Tricks

We've got the know-how and man power to disassemble & move all your office furniture. 

Appliances & Hard To Reach?

A full set of drills, ladder, dollies, four wheelers, and tool bag on every truck. Our team has the right tool for your custom job needs. 


What We Bring To The Table:

  • Packing Services: A professional team with techniques for speed packing & specialized item training 

  • Box Delivery: Onsite delivery & storage until YOU need it

  • Faculty Presentation Strategies: Custom tactics for your individual job along with detailed summary of logistics & timeline 

  • Junk Removal: Perfect For purging when relocating your school room or office 

  • Lift Gates: Large and awkward items are handled with ease

  • Professional Experience: Peace of mind, when you need it

  • Tools/Equipment: Multiple tool bags, drills, and all industry leading equipment 


Guaranteed Efficient Execution Strategy

Moving a large warehouse can definitely add up in costs.

Thats Why...

We value your time and money so a team of our professional estimators is sent out to both locations to ensure speed & safety.