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Central Coast Moving VS. The Other Guys (Storage Edition)

Central Coast Moving VS. The Other Guys (Storage Edition)

We didn’t invent moving and storage. We know that there are other guys out there who do a similars thing to what we do. But here at Central Coast Moving and Storage, we’re confident in saying that we are progressing in the industry and are doing a great job at it.

As respectful rivals, let’s talk storage. With the introduction of our new portable storage option, we’re up against other guys like P*DS, and more traditional storage options like brick and mortar storage facilities and traditional mover’s wooden vaults. When making comparisons between portable storage options, it’s best to look at delivery options available, storage features offered and customer service reputation.

Delivery Options

When it comes to portable storage delivery options, your go-to-guys would either be P*DS or us here at CCM. While both offer long distance deliveries, we go above and beyond providing custom features for local moves within the Central Coast. We also offer best-in-class clearance, needing only 9’ compared to the other guys’ 14’ clearance. Using a custom, industry-leading delivery method, we ensure your belongings get to their new destination in one piece.

Storage Features

Everyone has different storage needs and so, each storage option has its own benefits that accommodate those needs. While P*DS offers an 8’ and 16’ unit with a rolling door, CCM offers TRUE 16’ and 20’ containers with barn-door style doors, to maximize cubic volume for storage. The other guys’ containers have fixed strap locations inside for convenient tie-downs. We wanted to make sure that the strapping was as easy as possible, so we made them customizable in our containers. In order to keep your belongings safe from the forces of nature, the other guys’ made their containers weather resistant. Well, we went ahead and made ours 100% water proof – just to be safe.

Customer Service Reputation

Going up against a industry leader like P*DS, we understand that they have a pretty great customer service reputation. However, they can’t add a tender-loving, neighborly touch like we can at Central Coast Moving. Our main priority is to show our clients 5-star service, from start to finish. One key difference between the portable storage giant and us is that we offer a full service experience. Our team will deliver, pack, load, move, unload and unpack your container all with professionalism and integrity. Each job we do is backed by a $1,000,000 policy so you have peace of mind during your move. Lastly, to really show our community some love, we offer customizable features when you hire us for a local move using our portable storage. You even get a free blanket and disc lock when our team is brought on to make your moving day a breeze. Now that’s service!

Each client has different preferences when it comes to their moving and storage needs, so some friendly competition is inevitable. We do still recommend our friends at P*DS when we aren’t the best fit. As respectful rivals, we’re here to progress the industry and provide the best customer service experience we can offer.

If you’re interested in working with Central Coast Moving, give us a call at (805) 441-4429 or fill out our form so an expert can get in touch for an estimate.

Central Coast Moving VS. The Other Guys (Storage Edition)


Central Coast Moving VS. The Other Guys (Storage Edition)

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